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Changing of the Guard

It was a rainy nest swap at 7:10 this morning. Dad had done the night shift, which is a little out of the ordinary for this pair but nothing to worry about. On average, female loons tend to do more of the night-time incubating. This might be due to an advantage of having the larger […]

Loon Ages: What do we really know?

If you read the posts of the chatters on YouTube, you may see a discussion about how the female is “26 years old” or “much older than the male.” So how do we know that? The answer is we don’t know. What the chatters are doing is taking an estimated minimum age and considering it […]

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Another nine tenths of an inch of rain yesterday and last night. The loons made a herculean effort of nest building and managed to keep the bowl above water. Water level rise is one of the most common causes of loon nest failure because a swamped nest is a failed nest. With that, the black […]

Second Egg Laid!

Well, it took them long enough but we have two eggs now. It was laid shortly before noon and the pair is busy building up the nest and incubating. Now we get down to the long, 28 day haul. The black flies are baddish but have certainly been worse. Our colleague Walter Piper wrote a blog last […]

Look what we have!

The camera has been moved and, low and behold, there’s an egg in the nest! It was likely laid late yesterday or last night. With a little luck we’ll have two eggs by tomorrow.

The Loons are Getting “Nesty”

The water may still be too high but the loons are starting to work on nest building. So far, it looks like they are building up the nest they used last year. If this continues we will be moving the camera to a better position. Copulation has also started. You can watch a video of […]

More Information About Our Loon Pair

We’re happy to announce that the same pair we’ve been watching on this webcam since 2014 has once again returned this year! We know this because both of the loons in this pair are banded. If you watch closely, you may be able to catch sight of the bands when the loons are swimming by […]

Early Season Activity

The water is high, but the loons are already looking for a nesting spot.  They have been visiting the looncam area several times a day, sometimes for an hour at a time.  There has also been a pair of ducks poking around the area looking for a nest.  In one of the longer videos posted, […]

Looncam is online

The looncam went live on May 2’nd. The loon pair were swimming around as we installed the camera and seemed interested in the potential nesting sites.  There are several areas of vegetation in the water and they are expected to pick one of them. The water is still too high to be building a nest right […]

Where do loons go in the winter, and when can we expect them back?

Winter seems to finally be losing its grip on New Hampshire. With temperatures exceeding 50 degrees F predicted every day for the next few weeks, spring has finally arrived. With it comes the return of loons- we already have one confirmed report of a loon returning to its breeding lake! The others will soon follow, […]