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    Celebrating Over 40 Years of Loon Preservation in New Hampshire!

  • The Call of the Loon

    Loons are known for their distinctive, haunting calls.

  • Our Work

    LPC’s work has helped grow
    New Hampshire’s loon population since 1975.

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  • Loon Behavior

    Loons communicate a great deal through their behavior.

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  • Loon Chick Growth

    Loon chicks develop rapidly over the first several weeks of their lives.

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Our Work

We work to preserve loons and their habitats in
New Hampshire.


We rely on our network of volunteers and members to accomplish our mission.


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Loons & Lead

Education and Resources to tackle lead poisoning
in loons.

Our Mission

The Loon Preservation Committee works to preserve loons and their habitats in New Hampshire through monitoring, research, management, and public education, all fostered by an extensive network of dedicated members and volunteers. Many of LPC’s initiatives to address threats to loons involve close coordination with federal and state agencies and other non-profit organizations.

“Never doubt that a small group of concerned and committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, that’s the only thing that ever has.”

~ Margaret Mead


The Loon Preservation Committee (LPC) was created in 1975 in response to concerns about a dramatically declining loon population and the effects of human activities on loons.  LPC’s mission is to restore and maintain a healthy population of loons throughout New Hampshire; to monitor the health and productivity of loon populations as sentinels of environmental quality; and to promote a greater understanding of loons and the larger natural world.

For over 40 years, the Loon Preservation Committee has undertaken state-wide monitoring, research, management and outreach to preserve loons and their habitats. 

The Loon Preservation Committee was one of the first organizations anywhere to show that coordinated and thoughtful human actions could reverse the decline of a threatened or endangered species. LPC’s groundbreaking research and management to safeguard our loon population, and its leadership among organizations working to preserve threatened and endangered species, has been recognized by special citations from New Hampshire’s Governor John Lynch, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Wildlife Federation.  Our success has inspired the creation of state-wide, regional and even international organizations to preserve loons, and our efforts continue to benefit other species that depend on clean water, natural shorelines and functioning ecosystems.

Live Loon Cam

See our live videos each year of loon nests around the state.

The Voice of the Loon

Perhaps one of the most fascinating things about loons is their haunting and variable voice.

Loon Education

Learn about loons including information about their behavior, how to identify a loon, and how you can help in preservation efforts.

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