Looncam is online

The looncam went live on May 2’nd.

The loon pair were swimming around as we installed the camera and seemed interested in the potential nesting sites.  There are several areas of vegetation in the water and they are expected to pick one of them.

The water is still too high to be building a nest right now, but should go down quickly.  Over the past few years, mating and nest building started in the second or third week of May, eggs appeared about a week later, then hatched about 28 days later, near the first day of Summer.

Through May, expect to see the loons on camera several times a day, with increasing time spent in the nesting area.

Periodically, the camera will automatically pan to several different scenes, just in case the loons are off-camera.  Once the pair starts hatching the egg, they will rarely leave the nest. -bg

Watch the loon nesting site live at https://youtu.be/1C2jQ7OYZEs