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Another Egg Gone

At around 6 am this morning, Dad finished up his nest sitting. When he got off the nest, it was evident that one of the eggs was crushed. Mom climbed on the nest nine minutes later and noticed the broken egg. She picked up the largest piece, removed it from the raft and did not […]

Mystery of the Lost Egg Solved

We knew it could be true. It was just hard to accept. Eggs being accidentally buried in the nest wasn’t on our radar; it’s not something that had come up before. Still, we were fairly certain that the egg was either knocked out of the nest or buried during a frantic nest building session on […]

Loon Cam 2 is now on YouTube

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5UQzB-c_zE And we have a great, explicit clip of the first egg being layed at 7:30 this evening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuxqz8ANB90

Loon Cam #1 Chick Hatched!

It was a bit of a surprise because no one had seen a pip before dark yesterday. But around 5 am this morning a chick momentarily poked its head out from under Dad (see video). And this year Mom is nearby so maybe we can avoid last year’s drama.

Eagle Takes Loon Cam #1 Chick

The poor chick didn’t last half a day. The local eagle, who we know has been keeping tabs on the nest, swooped in at 9:06 this morning and grabbed the chick. Mom put up the best fight she could but had to stay in the water to protect herself. If the chick had been in the water […]

An Eagle Visits the Nest

Just as Day 28 comes along and we’re all on Pip Watch, wouldn’t you know a bald eagle has to crash the party. The first indication was an alarm call by Dad and a quick retreat from the nest and into the water. Video clip here. Eagles frequently go after chicks in the water and we […]

Is the Loon Cam #1 Lost Egg Found?

Sure seems to be. An eagle-eyed YouTube viewer pointed out an egg-shaped object precariously perched on the steep side of the nest, partially obscured by foliage. Our Loon Cam technical wizard reviewed the archives and it appears that the egg has been doing some short-distance traveling since it was accidently kicked out of the nest […]

Loon Neighbors

Nesting loons have numerous wildlife neighbors that share the nest site. During the daytime it’s common to see painted turtles sunning themselves near or even on the loon nest. Snapping turtles are another common visitor. They are not much of a threat to the nest but they are known to snag an unprotected chick in the water. The nighttime […]

Just how rugged are these eggs?

A common theme in frequently asked questions concerns the viability of a fertilized loon egg. How cold can a loon egg get and still maintain viability? How hot? Does an unincubated egg remain in suspended animation and, if so, for how long? The truth is that we don’t have precise answers for these questions. And […]

Loon Cam 2 Second Egg Laid!

At 8:40 this morning, the Loon Cam 2 female laid the second egg, about 61 hours after the first egg. That’s a longer than average time span between eggs and, considering that the first egg was getting almost constant incubation for the last 36 hours or so, the first chick to hatch should have a […]