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Day 30

It’s Day 30 today and the loons are still sitting on the nest. We are watching the nest with growing concern that the single egg may not be viable. The […]

The Home Stretch

Our webcam loons have been nesting for almost three weeks, with only one week to go before hatching is expected on June 11.  In the day or two leading up […]

Heat wave!

The second week of nesting has been hot! Temperatures are forecast to be in the mid-80’s on Saturday, and topped out at 86 F on Wednesday in nearby Laconia, NH.  […]

Changing of the Guard

Incubation duties are shared almost equally between male and female loons.  A nest exchange takes place every 4-6 hours, on average.  If you are lucky enough to catch a nest […]

Day Five

The black flies continue….and viewers have noticed an injury or damage to feathers on the left side of the male loon’s head.  This might indeed have resulted from earlier scuffles […]

Loon Preservation Center

Both adult loons are marked with color bands on their legs.  The female loon of this pair has been breeding here on this pond since she was originally banded in 1998.  […]