Breaking News: Waterfowl Motel Closed

May 28, 2022

At around 9 pm last night there was an altercation between motel guests. The wood ducks, who were the first to check in, were accosted by the newly arrived geese. Although heavily outweighed, Mama Duck showed an incredible tenacity and managed to wear out the geese and sent them scurrying for alternative accommodations.

Motel management showed up at 11:29 pm and evicted all tenants. When interviewed, Mr Loon, co-owner of the motel, said “Enough is enough! We’ve had guests trashing the place on a nightly basis and this brawl is the final straw.” He added that now, with avian malaria becoming a health issue, none of the guests were willing to wear a mask. Or a diaper. “I’m not risking my life for a bunch of hoodlums!”

At 5:05 this morning Mrs. Loon deposited an egg in the nest; a decisive sign that the motel is not accepting guests. It’s sort of a shame. With the tourist season just getting started shore-front accommodations are at a premium.