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Happy Ending

July 11, 2023 It was a successful hatch. Chick 1 emerged from its shell at 9:59 pm on July 8 and Chick 2 joined the fun around 3:30 pm on […]

Talking Eggs

July 5, 2023 So what does the title of this blog mean? Am I talking about eggs? Or am I saying that eggs can talk? A bit of both, actually. […]

Loons and the Fourth

July 1, 2023 The long holiday weekend begins and the lakes fill up with people ready to party. It’s a good time to talk about fireworks, as well as boating […]

Mom’s Ex

June 26, 2023 If you are a regular follower of LPC’s loon cams, you probably know that the male on Cam 2 is a fairly recent addition to the territory. […]

Détente on Cam One

June 20, 2023 It’s been about seven weeks that we’ve been watching our cam 1 pair try to maintain control over the territory, sometimes with as many as three intruders […]

Will Two Become One?

June 8, 2023 We’ve had a good thing going for the past six years: two live loon cams with dependable pairs that consistently begin nesting at different times. Loon cam […]

Eagles and Loons

May 31, 2023 Four loons on one small lake should be enough of a disruption for a territorial loon pair. Imagine living in an environment where you are subject to […]