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Update on Squam’s Loons

Just a quick update to let you know that the three chicks on Squam Lake and the chick on Little Squam are growing and looking fantastic! The chicks are all at an age that they are able to feed themselves; but, like all teenagers, they’re more than happy to get a free meal and continue […]

One Chick Lost; Loon Achievement Awards

I’m very sad to report that it has been a difficult week for one of Squam’s loon families. The family that had the two chicks has been dealing with frequent and intense loon intrusions over the past week. During one of these intrusions, one of the chicks was attacked by an intruding loon and it […]

Looking Good! Meet the Loons from Sandwich Bay

The loon chicks of the Squam Lakes continue to do well! I’m happy to report that all 4 chicks on Squam Lake and the single chick on Little Squam are thriving! As the chicks grow, they continue to range farther into open water and areas of active, high-speed boating, so please remind your neighbors and […]

Two more chicks!

I have fantastic news-the remaining loon nest on Squam hatched 2 chicks!! It’s very exciting to have a two-chick hatch-this is something we haven’t had on Squam Lake for two years, so it’s great to have a twosome out there again! Unfortunately, however, this wonderful news is tempered by the loss of one of Squam’s […]

Two more chicks!

There are two new chicks on the Squam Lakes this week! Against all odds, a chick hatched on Little Squam after 32 days of incubation-normal incubation for loons is 28 days, so this was quite remarkable! Another chick hatched on Squam Lake as well! Unfortunately, there was a nest failure on Squam this past week […]