Two more chicks!

There are two new chicks on the Squam Lakes this week! Against all odds, a chick hatched on Little Squam after 32 days of incubation-normal incubation for loons is 28 days, so this was quite remarkable! Another chick hatched on Squam Lake as well! Unfortunately, there was a nest failure on Squam this past week as well, resulting from predation. And there was a serious scare with the family of the oldest chick on Squam, which is dealing with intrusions from other loons. Fortunately, the chick has been accounted for, but this family is not out of the woods yet, and I’m certainly hoping they will be able to fend off the intruders. So the totals for this week are one chick on Little Squam, 3 chicks on Squam, and one active nest remaining on Squam Lake. For information on how you can volunteer to help protect the chicks of the Squam Lakes, please visit

As many of you know, the annual Loon Census is this Saturday (7/21), and we could use a few more participants. If you have a boat and would be able to help out on Saturday morning from 8:00-9:00, please let me know!
Thank you!

The Loon Festival is this Saturday at The Loon Center! The Festival is from 10:00-2:00 and is a day of family fun celebrating loons! For more information, please visit Hope to see you there!

“Meet the Loons of Squam” will take a hiatus this week as I work to get ready for Census/Festival day, but it will be back with more tales from the field! As always, please contact me with any questions or reports, and please contact Loon Preservation Committee to report any sick, injured, or dead loons (603-476-5666).

Thank you for your interest in Squam’s loons!

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