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URGENT: Loon tangled in fishing line

Sadly, Loon Preservation Committee (LPC) received a report that there is a loon badly tangled in fishing line on Squam Lake, and I am writing to ask everyone to please keep their eyes open for this loon (picture attached). Fishing line is wrapped around its bill and may be caught on a wing as well. […]

Squam Lake Loon Report: Chicks growing fast!

Good news—the chicks of the Squam Lakes continue to do well! There have been several cases of other loons intruding on a couple of the families recently, but the parents have been able to battle them off—I hope that continues! The chicks are growing fast and range in age from 5-7.5 weeks right now, with […]

A challenging week, and a surprising diagnosis

The past week has been a challenging one for the loons of the Squam Lakes. Sadly, one of the chicks on Little Squam has disappeared in what was likely a predation incident. It occurred between late last Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning—if anyone heard or saw anything, please let me know. If anyone finds […]

Squam Lake Loon Report: More chicks! But also…

What a week it has been on the Squam Lakes, full of highs and lows—all I can say, the Squam loon rollercoaster is going full force. First the(very!) good news: we have 3 new chicks on the Squam Lakes!! Two chicks hatched on Little Squam and we also have a new chick on Squam Lake! […]

Squam Lake Loon Report: Another chick!

It was another very busy week for the loons on the Squam Lakes, highlighted by the hatching of another chick on Squam! We also gained another nesting pair on Squam Lake but also had two nest failures (1 nest failed due to a mammalian predator, 1 nest was abandoned). So this brings us to the […]

Squam Lake Loon Report: Chicks!

We have chicks!! I am thrilled to report that one of the loon nests on Squam Lake has just hatched two chicks, and the new family is looking wonderful! In the meantime, nesting is in full swing on the Squam Lakes, and it has been another very busy week for the loons! Three new pairs […]

Squam Lake Loon Report: More nests!

It’s been a busy time on the Squam Lakes, a mixture of nest failures and new nests. We’ll start with the good news: 3 new nests have started on Squam Lake, with another pair looking like they will start nesting imminently (fingers crossed!). The pair on Little Squam has also started nesting. On the bad […]

Happy 2019 Squam Loon Season!

Welcome to the 2019 Squam loon season!  Despite the late ice-out this spring (April 26th), the loons have gotten right down to business, so let’s get to the news!  Most of the territories are filling in with pairs, although there are still a couple territories where the loons have been sporadic at best—hopefully they’ll settle […]