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Nest Building Started, Network Problems Persist

What a difference a day makes.  While the camera was having trouble this week, the loons were busy nest building.  Thursday morning, there was a mud pile where there used to be only water, and the loons were mating around 8:45.  We’re still having network reliability issues, but have been assured by the cable company […]


LPC Loon Cam 2020 is Live

On Monday, May 3’rd, looncam 2020 went live.  We are still in testing mode, but already we’ve seen the loon pair stop by so want others to enjoy the occasional spotting.  The pond level is very high, so they will have to build their up nest with pond-bottom, something they have already started to do.  […]

Loon Cam Plans

Things are looking good for the looncam to go live on Monday, May 4’th.  The loons are in the area and the internet circuit should be in by then.  We have the logistics worked out on how to keep our distance from each other and still get the camera working.  Last year, the loons and […]

Pre-Season Activity

Even though we are many weeks away from the start of 2020 Looncam streaming, pre-season activities have already started.  The camera software has to be updated and the various cloud-service accounts checked.  YouTube always seems to have some new features and challenges.  On the hardware side, we are constantly looking for better ways to improve […]