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Rain and Nest Maintenance

It continues to be a very wet nesting season. The nest site has received about two and a half inches of new precipitation over the past week. Although the dam operator is doing a great job of maintaining a constant water level, the loons are taking no chances. They’ve managed to build the nest up […]

Nest Duties

If you’ve been watching at the right time, you’ve seen a nest change and you realize that the male and female share nest duties. This video shows an early morning nest change, just before dawn, with the male relieving the female. This is typical of most loon pairs. Females tend to do the majority of night time […]

Hail Storm!

Last night we had a severe thunderstorm pass through the area. It included a short period of hail. Local weather watchers reported nickel to quarter sized hail stones and the National Weather Service released this picture of a hail stone from the same storm: As you can see in the video, it did not dissuade the […]

Tremolo Calls

Around 9 am this morning we could hear tremolo calls in the distance. Judging by the changes in volume and possibly some Doppler effect, we can be pretty sure most of the calls were from a single loon flying over the pond and making at least two passes. And some of the calls were from the […]

Leg Bands

You may notice, especially when they are turning the eggs or switching nest duties, that these loons have colored bands on their legs. LPC has been banding loons for the past 25 years. Every banded loon has a unique color combination, usually consisting of two bands on each leg. Here, the female has orange and […]

Two Eggs!

The second egg was laid yesterday (May 23) between 2:30 and 2:35 pm. That’s about sixty hours after the first egg. Loons typically lay a two egg clutch with a day or so between eggs. It is believed that the separation in time increases the chances of having at least one chick survive to fledge. Here’s the […]

So What About Those Black Flies?

Most people reading this will probably agree that loons are special. However, when it comes to black flies, you may not realize just how special loons are. The Common Loon is decidedly uncommon because it purportedly shares the distinction of having the most host-specific blood-sucking parasite known to science. Simulium annulus is the black fly in […]

Good News/Bad News

The first egg was laid at 3:07:55 AM this morning. At dawn, the loons could be seen tending and incubating the egg. Loons usually lay a second egg about one day later, so we can’t say for sure that this is a one egg clutch. The bad news is that Simulium annulus, a black fly species that specializes on […]

Turtles and Other Nest Visitors

Some viewers have have been concerned that turtles have been using the empty nest as a basking platform. Almost all of these turtles are painted turtles; They rarely get more than ten inches in length, they are plant eaters, and they are no threat to the loons or the nest. In fact, they often simultaneously […]

More Nest Building

After a few soggy days of the loons paying little attention to the nest area, they are now back on a regular basis. In this videohttps://youtu.be/csId0j2_rLU, we see one of the pair back on the primary nest, giving it a test fit and adding more material. Notice the black flies on and circling the head […]