Two Chicks in the Water!

June 22, 2021

Chick #2 hatched early this morning and by 8 this morning the pair decided it was time to leave the nest. Chick #1 had already spent a night on the pond with Dad and it was raring to go. But Chick #2 thought this raft living was a pretty cushy life and said “Not me!”. During a second try chick #1 and both adults were in the water and having a raucous celebration, singing camp songs and dancing around, but chick #2 stood its ground and replied “Uh-uh!”. So Mom got back on the nest with #2 while #1 and Dad went off fishing.

A little after 1 pm Mom had had enough of #2’s recalcitrance and pushed it into the water. Lo and behold, #2 quickly realized that it was a loon and that water was really neat! It became an expert swimmer in about 20 seconds and then they were off to do some fishing of their own. They soon met up with Dad and #1 and they lived happily ever after. Or at least as long as the loon cam could watch them before they were out of sight. We at LPC are proud of them. Hatching and launching two healthy chicks isn’t as easy as you might think.