The Perfect Couple

June 8, 2021

Here we are, halfway through incubation and everything is going splendidly. This is not normal. We’re used to witnessing dads frantically building up nests to stem the flood and accidentally burying eggs, moms going AWOL for days at a time, standoffs with belligerent snapping turtles, and dive-bombing eagles.

But this pair; they’re so… PERFECT! They must have read all the loon how-to books by Judy McIntyre, Jay Mager and Walter Piper. From courtship ritual to nest shift exchanges, they do everything by the book. And Dad is such a romantic, hooting and cooing sweet nothings to the Mrs at every nest exchange and wail texting her when he’s on the far end of the lake. And now they’ve proved they can handle a heatwave without skipping a beat, although Mom seems to have given up her reluctance act when Dad comes to take over nest duties.

May the second half of incubation go as smoothly as the first. Sure, drama and suspense add to the viewing excitement but I’m ready for a no stress hatch.