It’s Not Too Late

May 23, 2023

So here we are, watching three to five loons chase each other around the lake as the end of the month nears. And we haven’t even gotten band readings to confirm that the resident pair is in the mix. I’m tempted to say that the competition is narrowing down to three loons. But I know better. Tomorrow there might be a half-dozen loons out there. There’s no telling if and when the loons will be ready to nest.

However, it’s way too early to start worrying. Statewide, most loon nests are initiated during the first two weeks in June. Recently, this territory has been known to start nesting in the last week in May. But that’s only been true starting in 2019. Before that, the current pair got on the nest around June 7, +/- 3 days. The latest known successful nest in this territory was initiated on June 15, 1992. But that was a second attempt. For first attempts, the latest nest initiation was on June 14, the following year (1993). Imagine the troubles that pair had to overcome!

Let’s hope for sooner than later, But, if need be, let’s not fret until we’re at least a week into June. In the past 48 years there have been only 4 years when there was no nesting attempt. So we have an eleven in twelve chance of seeing a nest this year.