Two Loon Cams going and major events happening at both of them.

On Loon Cam 1 the pip was first observed yesterday at 4:16 pm and this morning the chick hatched around 4:00 am. It’s a feisty one and it escaped Mom’s sheltering wing and made a solo voyage. Mom called for Dad to come back to the nest but a local lake resident reported that Dad was busy dealing with a visiting loon. What terrible timing! Mom managed to coral Junior and entice the chick back into the nest. It remains to be seen what the outcome will be concerning the extra loon on the lake. We’re hoping Dad can convince the visitor to leave.

On Cam 2 the second egg was laid around 8 am. (The first egg showed up Thursday afternoon, before the cam was set up.) So this pair has started its (hopefully) routine incubation duties with the first hatch expected around July 8 or 9.

So the action for the next day or two should be on Cam 1, where there is still an egg that is expected to hatch sometime tomorrow, and a new chick to entertain us while we’re waiting for the second hatch.