The Blessings of Boredom

Here we are, better than two thirds of the way through through the incubation process and it’s been a relatively uneventful episode. By this time last year we had a black fly plague, golf ball-sized hail stones, threats of nest flooding, a stare-down between loon and snapping turtle, and many more humans visiting the nest site. In other words, things are going great for the loons this year.
One advantage of this year’s nest site is that it is more hidden from boaters so they are less inclined to approach it. And although the farmers and gardeners are bemoaning the lack of rainfall this year, it’s the main reason that insect pests have not been bothering the loons. The snapper is still around but the loons have definitively established dominance. The turtle won’t be getting a loon egg breakfast.
Mom is spending more time on the nest now, which is typical as nesting progresses. Everything looks good so far. We can just sit tight, wait, and hope that a raccoon doesn’t show up and that we don’t get any violent storms in the next ten days.