First Egg Laid!

About three days ago it became painfully obvious that the loons had decided to use the nest site hidden in thick vegetation, just a few feet from last year’s nest. The pair displayed some earnest nest building behavior that lasted through yesterday morning. In the afternoon, around 2 o’clock, the female occupied the nest and since then the nest has been continuously occupied by one of the pair.
A second egg is usually laid about 24 hours after the first egg. It will be difficult to confirm the event on camera because of the thick vegetation and we will have to have a biologist verify the eggs (by binoculars from a better vantage point).
Although it may be disappointing that we don’t have a clear view as we did last year, in terms of loon welfare this is a better nest site. The nest is camouflaged from the public on the lake and from avian predators.