A Very Successful Nesting Season

Late yesterday the loons and their two chicks departed the nest area and swam out of camera range, thereby ending the LPC Loon Cam season. Two nests, four chicks! That’s like batting a thousand for loons. We couldn’t have picked two better nests to follow. Our camera technician/operator/guru, Bill Gassman, did a fantastic job on all counts and we can’t thank him enough. But, as it should be, the true stars were the loons. That’s what we’re all about.
The second chick hatched yesterday morning, sometime before 7 am and it was proficiently swimming by 3 pm.
Two excellent YouTube clips from yesterday are “must-see”, even if you were fortunate enough to witness them live. The first clip shows the chicks emerging from under Mom’s wings when Dad brings a tasty tidbit to the nest. The second clip shows the older chick greeting the younger chick when it first enters the water. Sibling rivalry at its best/worst.
Rest assured the Loon Cam will be back next year. We can’t write the script so it could be a comedy, drama, or tragedy.  It’s all part of nature. The Loon Cam gives us an intimate look into a fascinating aspect of loon natural history.