Hot Spell

The previous three days gave us some uncommonly hot weather for June. Sunday topped out at 94.1 degrees Fahrenheit, Monday hit 95.7, and we just missed an official heat wave when Tuesday maxed out at 1.5 degrees below 90. If you think you were uncomfortable during the hot spell, imagine if you were dressed in black and forced to sit in the direct sunlight all day long.
This is a tough time for nesting loons. Their physiology is adapted to being immersed in cool water. The only way they can keep from overheating is by constant panting and occasional swim breaks. But on the other hand, in this weather an egg exposed to direct sunlight can begin to literally cook in less than a half hour.
This video shows the male calling for the female to come take over. He had been on the nest for about eight hours at the time. After more than a half hour of calling he finally took a short swim break. He seems to be a union member because all of his breaks are exactly 10 minutes.
This video shows how anxious the loons are to leave the nest. Normally, they wait for the mate to swim right up to the nest before they get off. But for the duration of the hot spell, they were swimming out to meet the mate as soon as they saw it approaching.