Support LPC’s Loon Cams

The looncam is a yearly event, with broadcasts from one and usually two nests, sponsored by LPC.  We strive for the best video stream possible.  Quality and reliability is expensive and over the past years, viewers have contributed to the equipment and operational costs.  Contributions let us continue to invest in being the best.  The program is managed by volunteers, who put in hundreds of hours each year.  This year, in addition to the internet connection costs, two cameras were donated to LPC.  Costs to provision them included weatherproof mounts, audio cables, software to broadcast on YouTube, assorted hardware and adapters.  The total budget for 2022 is $1500.  Your support of LPC’s looncam program is greatly appreciated.  Thank you! Thank you!  Our 2022 operations was funded by viewers and the goal was exceeded.  Use this page to contribute to the 2023 looncam program or to help the LPC mission.